Friday, October 26, 2012

Laughter is Truly the Best Medicine

Did you realize that laughter is not only fun, but actually healthy for you?  Here are some of the benefits of laughter:

  1. Laughter releases good hormones - the kind of hormones that fight the stress hormones.  We all know that children these days have a great deal of stress in their lives!  (Can we say TESTING?)
  2. Laughter boosts the immune system - those same hormones that fight stress help your body fight germs!
  3. It lowers the blood pressure.
  4. It relaxes your muscles.
  5. According to a study at Johns Hopkins University Medical School, laughter during instruction increases test stores. (I don't know anything about this study other than seeing this information in several different places including THIS link.  I want to learn more about this study!)
  6. Humor can help erase negative emotions.  Seriously, how angry can you feel while laughing?
Come on over to Elementary Matters to see other reasons laughter is good for us, and see some ideas on bringing it into the classroom.

How do you bring laughter into the classroom?

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