Saturday, November 3, 2012

Brain Fitness

I'm a big fan of the brain

Here are some ways I teach the kids to keep their brains fit:
  1. Exercise!  Get the oxygen to the brain!  We often do exercises in the classroom.
  2. Eat Brain Food!  Sometimes I bring in some healthy snacks for the kids.  (probably not fish or spinach, but maybe some carrots and berries!)
  3. Ease stress!  These kids certainly understand what stress it!  I often do some Yoga moves and breathing exercises with them.
  4. Listen to Music!  I've got a wide variety of music to play in the classroom, from "party" music, to mellow music for concentration. 
I've listed more ideas on Brain Fitness on my blog at Elementary Matters.  Come on over and check them out!
How do you help your students keep their brains fit?

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Mary said...

Thanks for this share. Really helpful :)

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