Wednesday, March 13, 2013

St. Patty's Day Fun and a Freebie

Don't you just love St. Patrick's Day?  It's one of my very favorite special days!

Why?  Well, I admit, I have Irish blood in me, but I think it's because of the timing.  In New England, the winters are so very long that by the middle of March, we need something fun and silly to celebrate.  So we all wear green and wear silly leprechaun pins and headbands.  It's good for lifting spirits while waiting for those first signs of spring.

Plus, it's an opportunity to sneak in extra practice on those important skills!  Below are some free addition and subtraction story problems.  (I don't think they can get enough problem solving practice, and adding stories about leprechauns makes it more fun!)  These are designed for second grade, but would be useful for high first graders or review for third graders.

Come on over to Elementary Matters to download your freebie and see a "shillelagh full of ideas" for the big day!  (If you're not sure what a shillelagh is, see THIS LINK to Wikipedia!)

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