Thursday, November 3, 2011

Life Cycles and Grandparents Day

Tomorrow is finally Grandparents day! We've had to eat in the room the last three Fridays because of Grandparents day for the other grades and I'm so glad it's finally our turn.  Eating in the room gets really old after one time, let alone three. We wrote about our grandparents this week and we hung their writing in the hall. You can grab a copy by clicking on the picture.
We worked on life cycles last week and did a couple cute things that I found on Pinterest. And, by the way, my school district has now blocked Pinterest from being used at school. So now I can't look for ideas when I am trying to lesson plan. Anyway, we made a butterfly's life cycle and a chicken's life cycle.

 We also made a life cycle of a person and they were hilarious!

I took several pictures but they didn't turn out. I'll try to add some tomorrow. I gave each kid a cotton ball to use for their hair as a senior citizen. One kid wrote, "When you are a senior citizen, you can't do much." Another one wrote that she would be wrinkly.  One said that he could have coffee when he was an adult. My favorite one said that he would just sleep when he was a senior citizen. The poofs of hair were the best part. Head over to my blog to grab a copy.
Have a wonderful Friday!

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