Thursday, April 19, 2012

Poetry Puzzle Cut and Paste!

Friends~We are having so much fun in class with Poetry!  We have spend the last few days talking about the music in poetry and how the authors achieve it.  We experimented with line breaks today and it was so much fun! 
We started by choosing an object in class to write about.  The students used many of our Mentor Poems to create theirs.  After lunch we went back to our poems and read them to partners.  We then headed back to our seats to copy our poems over onto construction paper.  The students then cut their poems apart and practiced moving their line breaks.  It was like watching them put puzzles together.

It was so fun to see them read their poem and then make changes to perfect just the right music for their poem. 

 They glued them right into their poetry books.  I then had them meet up with their partner and read both versions of their poem.  Their partner had to choose the best one.  It was fun to see how many of them made their music better. 

One of my favorites was written by this little sweetie above.  She took our tie died bean bag and created a super fun poem.  Give it a listen and leave a comment so that I can share it with her:)

If you are teaching poetry with your class be sure to check out my Shooting Off with Poetry Booklet!
It is filled with the templates that I use to teach poetry in class.  

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