Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Super Dad!

Friends~I had a wonderful Mother's Day!  My kiddos were the sweetest and I totally enjoyed all of the pampering.  Especially my new Cricut machine!  I have been cutting like crazy!  My kiddos at school asked me what I got for Mother's Day and I showed them my Cricut.  I got an email later that day that one of my students went home and told his mom that Mr. Schroeder got me a giant pencil sharpener but it only sharpens paper.  (My kiddos at school crack me up!) 
Well, Mother's Day reminds me that Father's Day is right around the corner.  I have to admit that I often don't get to this at school.  There is so much going on in June that it gets brushed under the rug.  Well,  this year I have committed to make it happen for my Dads in 2nd grade!  I have created a Super Dad Unit!

 It is a 14 page download that includes a list of super powers Dads might have and a Super Dad collectible card template! You will find lots more plus I created another set of sheets for Grandpa too.  My plan is to take the collectible card template and have my students fill in the information. 

I am going to ask the Moms for pictures of the Dads so that I can drop their image into the box and my students can add capes.  I am going to take the super power list and mount it on the back.  Then I will zip them through the laminater, punch a hole, and add a ribbon to make a bookmark!  My Dads will also get their child's work in their It's a Bird...packet!   I am really looking forward to putting this project together. 

I would love to hear what you all are doing for Father's Day!

I also have a fun clip art give away going on over on The Schroeder Page.  Be sure to click my button below to get yourself entered! 

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