Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Teacher Appreciation Jackpot

Have you heard the exciting news? On Sunday, May 6th, more than 150 teacher-bloggers are going to have a huge JACKPOT of freebies! We are so appreciative of all the collaboration and sharing that has spurred up between teachers over the past year, 3 brilliant bloggers decided to show their appreciation by hosting the JACKPOT of freebies.

Last spring, I  had teacher burn-out and was generally depressed and frustrated with the teaching. Then I happen to stumble on Mrs. Jump's blog. I quickly became a regular blog-stalker and began to feel my passion for teaching come back to life. I have learned so much more from the teacher blogging community than any professional development class. I cannot say "thank you" enough to all the teachers who have helped me find my passion for teaching again. Being part of the JACKPOT is one way I can show my appreciation and thanks for all your wonderful and inspiring ideas!

Head on over to learn all about it!

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