Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Thank You Postcard Freebie!

Do you have students who are just "SNOW" thoughtful? Then this freebie is for you! :)

I made this fillable postcard to send to my kiddos to thank them for their thoughtful Christmas presents... they really did spoil me this year! I had one parent collect money from others and buy me some wonderful scrapbooking stuff... I got a new teacher bag, some hair products to tame my wild mane, gift cards to Kohl's and Red Lobster, ornaments, a HUGE basket of Coke stuff and goodies, some Christmas decorations, books for the classroom, and a wonderful book about a little girl named Christina Bainbridge who desperately wanted to be a teacher... she cried every night because she couldn't be one. But then, one day, she went to college and became a wonderful teacher! :)

Those thoughtful kiddos deserved something super cute, and this postcard was born!

Head over to my Teacher's Notebook store to get a copy!


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