Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Great Postcard Exchange 2012

Hey Gang!  Happy 1st day of July!

Do you want to participate in a postcard exchange?

A postcard exchange is where 50 teachers
(one from each of our great states) agrees to have their students write and mail the postcards out to the other participants.

You will need 50 postcards. Mail out 49 postcards, keep one for yourself. You will need to purchase postcards and stamps.

I would like to open the exchange to all teachers who have a blog, website, wiki or any other means to share postcard exchange updates, pictures, etc...  

The exchange will be open on a first come, first serve basis. All participants should mail out their postcards by Thanksgiving Break. The deadline is set to allow time for correspondence between participants throughout the upcoming school year.   Check HERE to see if your state is taken.

I would like for all participants to include an introduction to their classroom and a fact about their state. Please also include a line "want to learn more about ____________, just Skype us at _________" OR "want to learn more about __________, just contact us at ___________."

If you would like to join the exchange email me at
Please include in the email your name, state and blog/class website. I will then send you a conformation email. If a reply isn't made within several days, I will select the next person available.

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Rachelle said...

I have been looking for a postcard exchange for a long time and happy I clicked on your blog. I am so interested. Well, I just wanted to award you guys the Versatile Blogger and Lovely Blog Award. I love your site and even though you stop at third grade (fourth grade teacher here) the resources are fantastic...)

Head over to my blog to check out your awards....

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