Monday, July 2, 2012

New Freebies page and Word Sorting

I've just added all (well, most.... I'll get there) of my freebies to a Freebies Page on my blog. You can check it out here!

Do you do Words Their Way word sorting? We have to do it at my school, but it has always been one thing that I couldn't schedule properly. I've resolved that with this board: 
 The flower pots tell the groups what activity they are doing with their word sorts that day. The flower tells them what group they are in (their names are listed underneath in the space I've covered). It works really well! All I do, is move the flowers down a pot each day. Simple! I see one group each day to introduce their new word sort, so since I have 5 groups and 8 activities, it leaves me with 3 days to meet with strugglers or to do some reading conferences. You can read about it in this post

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