Tuesday, July 3, 2012

My First Linky Party

I have to admit, I am a little nervous about hosting a linky party...1) because I am not great at the technology aspect and could possibly mess it up completely and 2) because what if no one wants to link up? :) 

After reading Number Sense Routines, I couldn't help but wonder how everyone out there teaches math. I think I have 60, maybe 70 minutes at best to teach math daily, and am wondering how people fit it all in! It seems like a lot of people are blogging about math lately and I'm curious to see how you all are applying what they are learning!

Last year I tried to combine the workshop model with Everyday Math. It was a tight squeeze, but I liked it much better than just whole class math with Everyday Math everyday. My math block looked like this:

15 min. - warm-up/ mini-lesson/ routine (rekenrek, count around the circle, problem solving, introduce a new work station, etc.)

20 min. - math work station and I would meet with my tier 3 group
I use Debbie Diller's book a lot to determine my work stations and manage them. I also pull from Everyday Math and TpT to find games and activities for the work stations.

This is the only picture I have to show how I organize the work stations. The bins on the bottom shelf (with the pink and green labels) are my work stations. I have 6 stations - with 2 different versions of each to make 12 total stations. I also use xtramath.org for a computer station and myself as another station. 
20 min. - Whole group Everyday Math lesson - I usually just do Part 1 of the lesson and then give a 7-10 minutes for independent practice where I try to get around to my tier 2 kids to make sure they are keeping up.

My goal is to use Everyday Math more as a resource than as a day-to-day guide. Does anyone else do that?

I'd love to hear how you all organize your math blocks!! Please link up to a previous post or a new post having to do with your math block - and if you want, use the picture above to link back here. Thanks so much!!
How do you teach math? How do you break down your math block? Do you do math workshop? Guided Math? Everyday Math? Math work stations? A combination? I would love to share ideas for how to organize a math block. I love hearing about what works for other teachers!!

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