Saturday, October 8, 2011

Giveaway for Descriptive Writing Animinated Character Help!

This term for assessment, my grade 2 students are being asked to write a description of a fictional character. I am responsible for writing the task and criteria/grading sheet. I am wanting the kids to watch a short segment/s of an animated movie where at least 1 character (2 preferable) is shown in enough detail for students to write a description of the character (with details of appearance, personality etc).

This is where you come in my blogging friends! Do you know of any such segments?? I've been thinking of Aladdin or Snow White but my son is 12 now and I'm not really up with the current animated movies!!!... and I don't really have time to sit through and watch them looking for a good up to 5 minutes or so segment.

Please, please, please comment on my blog if you can recommend a particular segment of an animated movie!! I'll give everyone who leaves a unique comment a copy of my new Apple Basket Fact Family activity. Here's a sneak peek - it's not yet available!
So, to grab your copy before the official release (HA! I sound like a salesman! I REALLY want your suggestions!!) comment on my blog by Sunday night!



Mrs. S. said...

The latest movie I've seen that would have two, well actually three, awesome characters to view is Tangled. It's the "princess" story of Rapunzel. Flynn Rider (rescues the fair maiden from the tower), Rapunzel, and the wicked woman who kidnaps and keeps her in the tower are all there in enough detail to be awesome character trait studies! Godspeed!


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Louisa said...

I'm not sure if my last post worked so... :) The movie UP has a great part at the beginning where it shows how the old man is (personality) as a young boy and how he continues to grow. Then there are some great scenes showing him in detail for them to describe his looks. I hope this helps.


Mrs. Shepherd said...

Pixar has some great short films that would be excellent for your writing idea. Oktapodi is a great one! I used this short film with my 4th graders to discuss problem and solution and character traits.

Mrs. Hall said...

I would use the Ice Age Movies. They have great characters!

Down Under Teacher said...

Thanks for commenting. If you haven't left your email address, can you please email me at and I'll get Apple Basket Fact Families off to you!


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