Monday, October 10, 2011

Opting out of Reading Logs?

Note-I posted this on my blog a couple of weeks ago. What a wonderful response I got from my parents-I had to share! Many wrote in notes thanking me for doing this and giving an option for parents {and their little voracious readers}, still others said they’d keep on with what we were doing and they liked having the consistency. It’s all about understanding and give and take!

Original post: Why do I assign reading logs? Why do I use up my precious copy limit each and every week? Because I am required to! But what is the real impact on my students’ learning or reading skills? Minimal if any at all. I am a closet reading log hater. I just do not have time {or I do not allow for time} to check them each and every day. I do not hand out prizes for reading each night. They way I see it, kids who love to read…will.
Thus, the Reading Log Opt Out Form was born. I am sending this home tomorrow and here’s why.

opt out
I began this year with a great idea to keep up with nightly reading in a spiral notebooks. I had the kiddos set it up by writing the title, the date, and a picture of something that happened in the story. I wanted to start simple…it is a complete waste of time…ugghh. Don't get me wrong. I am not anti-homework, anti-establishment Open-mouthed smile or anything. I am a little lazy maybe…I love or Math Expressions homework sheets, etc. But I do not assign spelling homework either. I can’t handle reading those old spelling sentences!
Enough of my tirade. If anyone has any wonderful breakthroughs in reading homework land-lemme know!


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