Wednesday, October 12, 2011

What a Week!

Well, I am now officially on Fall Break. I am so excited for this break because I have had quite a week.  Have you ever heard that bad things happen in threes? On Saturday, I came down with a cold and then, lucky me, broke my little toe.  Then, I came down with a bacterial infection. Yeah, that wasn't fun at all. So I went to school on Monday and had to leave before the kids came into the room. I am feeling much better today. I feel like a normal person again.
Since we had a short week this week, we didn't have a unit to teach in our Treasures series. I was so happy to have a couple of days to do some fun things I found on a few other blogs.

 Even and Odd Street from The Teacher Wife

Bat activities from Fun in First Grade

I'm amazed with how many facts my kids learned about bats this week. Their new favorite word is "echolocation."

Here are some other pages I made about bats. Head over to my blog to grab a copy.

I planned on doing a smaller unit on spiders this week but didn't get it done since I was sick.  Here's a couple of sheets that I made. Grab a copy by heading over to my blog.

Hope you can use these in your classroom!

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