Thursday, October 13, 2011

Pencil Sharpeners and Other Pet Peeves

Do your students ever do little things that drive you batty?  Well, I had a good laugh while I typed up some of the things my students do that drive me batty.

Hop over to Elementary Matters and have a read.  I hope you have a good laugh, too. 

What else do your students do?  What pet peeves do you have in your classroom?


laughinbrunette (Jennifer) said...

How much time do you have?? lol...just kidding. I think when they take their scissors and cut up a million and one tiny pieces of paper that end up in the floor! AAHHHH!!
First Grade Blue SKies

Jes said...

The pencil sharpener itself drives me batty.. much less when they use it.

Sunny said...

I have not let a class touch my pencil sharpeners in 3 years and it is blissful!

Sally said...

Jennifer, not the scissors and paper, Ahhhh!


Sally said...

Jes, pencil sharpeners don't bug me, unless they're being used constantly!


Sally said...


Who sharpens your pencils? I only let them sharpen the first 10 minutes of the day.


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