Monday, September 12, 2011

AR Points Tracker

Hi all,
Denise here from SunnyDays!

Our school has a big focus on Accelerated Reader. Each grade level has a specific goal and teachers are absolutely expected to whatever it takes to make sure the students reach their goal {I know!}. We are even required to turn in periodic print-outs of our progress.

So...whether I love it or not, AR is a part of our life. Although my kids are usually serious readers, there are some that will read like crazy but "forget" to take their tests. Then I have the kids who are constantly asking how many points they have. Well, I'm hoping to kill two birds with one stone here <--I actually hate that expression...

I have created this AR Points tracker to motivate and keep the kids informed of their points totals.
Here's a pic:

I just posted the set in my TpT shop and a cute jungle theme is on the way too! Click on the picture below to take a peek. Be sure to download the preview for information on customization.
See ya on the Sunny Side!

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Hilary Lewis said...

Yeah, I know what you mean about 'love it or not!' We had AR for awhile and I really liked it for awhile...but after I started messing with it, I realized the questions were very literal and did not require higher level thinking. We use RAZ-Kids now...have you checked that out? It's pretty awesome. The kids can listen to books, read books, take quizzes on books, and record themselves reading the books. You can also assign running records so that the kids record and you can listen at your leisure...and if you miss something, you can back up and listen again! The questions on the quizzes are good and the reports that you get also tell what types of questions the child has missed...then you can see if there is a they always miss inference questions. Check it out...maybe your principal will let you pilot it instead of using AR. ...Oh, but these are really cute! :)

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