Thursday, September 15, 2011

Book shopping and a freebie

This is my first year doing Daily 5 and I am loving it. I finally got my running records done on Monday so I started conferencing with my kids.  I am amazed about how insightful the students are. They are really aware of what they need to work on and what is going well.
One thing I am having trouble getting to fit into the day is book shopping. I have some students shop as soon as they come in the room in the morning but not all students are getting to shop. Usually I forget with all the things we have to do in the morning. I decided to make a ticket to place on their desk so students can go shopping and then pass it on to someone else. I am going to start with 4 tickets out at a time and see how this goes. You can grab a copy of the ticket by clicking on the picture to take you to my blog.

What do you do to manage book shopping? Hope you have a fabulous Friday.

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