Wednesday, September 7, 2011

First week freebie and Behaviour Diamond

I've been ridiculously busy lately organising a bridal shower for my bestie have not had a chance to post this writing activity I got my kiddos to do during the first couple of days. They glued a pic of themselves from the first day in the empty box and colored in the whole thing. They looked great stuck on the inside of our door so they could be seen when our door was open.  You can download it at my blog.
Another idea I used when I taught Grade 6 is for students to create a wordle about themselves - words to describe themselves and their interests. I took a screen print of the wordle, pasted it in Word and then inserted a text box. I added a photo of each student in the text book before printing and laminating. I added a sign (Meet 6D) and pegged them to a clothes line I had running across the room. They looked much better than what it does here in the pic which was the best one I could find. The kids were so proud of them and couldn't wait to take them home later in the year.
Also in the pic you can see our Behaviour Diamond which we used in conjunction with a class store. The kiddos earned class cash by moving up and down the diamond. We kept a spreadsheet of money earned, lost and spent in the class store. You can read more about it at by blog. 

I hope those of you who have just started are enjoying your new classes!

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