Monday, August 22, 2011

Class Parties... a "sign-up" freebie!

My Open House night is next week and so I'm starting to organize all of my many sign-up sheets that will be out... thing I need for the classroom, parent e-mails, conferences, Snazzy Snacks, and CLASS PARTIES.

I posted on my Facebook recently to ask other teachers how they handle class parties and I got some wonderful ideas which I kind of combined with my own ideas to create something that I think will work wonderfully for me this year.

I am going to have one parent sign-up to be the "Party Planner" and then (hopefully) two or three more will sign-up to help that parent with whatever s/he organizes for us to do.

I've got a freebie sign-up sheet that you can use too over at my blog! Feel free to head over and snag it... and check out the pic of my new class pet I just bought today! :)


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