Monday, August 15, 2011

Pen Pals!

Hi blogger friends! I am wondering if anyone would be interested in being pen pals with my class this year. I did this last year with another 2nd grade teacher in my district and it worked out well as a part of the work on writing station of daily 5 - and the kids loved it. This year, I would be open to working with a teacher from any grade level and it might be fun if my kids got to send letters to kids in another state. My school is in a very underprivileged area (in Chicago) and they rarely leave the neighborhood, let alone the state. Also, I would be open to including technology somehow - maybe through email or skype? I don't want this to be a huge, overwhelming commitment and am pretty flexible so I'm pretty much open to any ideas!! If you are interested - email me: and we can talk specifics :)


Ms. Alley's Class

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Mrs. McCumbee said...

Abby this sounds great. I would be interested in doing this

Mrs. McCumbee

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