Sunday, August 28, 2011

O.R.E.O Project

Registration for the 2011 O.R.E.O project is now open! This project is a fantastic way to incorporate many math and science skills into a fun, hands-on activity that revolves around America's favorite cookie! Sound good to you? I have a blog post from a while back that will give you a little more information, check it out and then be sure to click on over to Projects by Jen to sign up!

Click on the picture to see the project in action!


The Schaffnitt's said...

I really want to do this but am concerned my administration might frown upon it. How many oreo's do the kids eat? Just broken ones or what? Our school is part of a healthy kids program and they have even limited what we can eat in the teacher's lounge? WHAT????? Has anyone faced this challenge? How did you overcome?

SunnyDays said...

Oh my gosh!! That would be a serious problem for me! Actually you don't have to eat any at all to do the project, which would be kind of torturous for the kids. Can get away with just letting them eat one if they have role-model behavior during the experiment? What about sending one home in a baggie with a note that says, "Ask me what we used these for in class today?"

That's a tough one...
Sunny Days In Second Grade

Tina said...

My district is required to follow FMNV (foods of mimimal nutritional value), so I'm sure oreos are "illegal"! I plan on doing the project anyway and sending oreos home with the kids.

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