Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Meet Mark and Donnie at LOWES!

So, I was on the best road trip today.  I was heading down Highway 49 to Chatham County to present SMARTboard Bootcamp at their elementary.  My friend Valerie, who is also my assistant at school came along to help and we made it a fun girls day OUT!  We start school for teachers tomorrow so this was our last big day of FUN!  I was so excited to present today because it was at my good friend Mrs. Streby's school.  She teaches first grade there and is an amazing teacher.  Her school just got their first of 8 SMARTboards and I was heading their way to help them with lessons building and MGT.  I wanted it to be fantastic for their special teachers and then I realized I forgot my cute little springs that I use to hold my jobs.   Enter Mark and Donnie!

Find out more about this Wild Day at The Schroeder Page!

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