Friday, August 5, 2011

Picture Books as a Springboard to Science Inquiry

I love teaching science. I love that it is hands-on. I love that kids get to ask questions, after all, they are naturally inquisitive! I love that kids love to learn science and want to become entomologists, astronomers, and most recently in my class, little meteorologists. Most of all, I LOVE how science pops up in picture books and how these quality reads lead to authentic science learning experiences.

Last term we read That Magnetic Dog by Bruce Whatley. We ended up doing a mini-unit on magnetism that wasn't in our planning!
What fiction picture books do you use as a springboard into science inquiry in your class? I'd love you to leave a comment and tell me all about it! You can read about what we did with That Magnetic Dog on my blog!


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Mrs. Schroeder said...

That pooch reminds me of Mrs. Mccumbee's Renton. I am sure she will snatch this post up!

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