Saturday, August 13, 2011

Classroom Helper Ideas

Hi Gang!  I'm Victoria, a 2nd grade teacher from North Carolina, and one of the newest authors on the Me and My Gang crew.  If you are anything like me, you may have always given every child in your class a job every week...but something always went wrong along the way.  Last year I was very organized and had a schedule for the entire year of what student would do which job at what time.  I've found in my experience that some jobs wouldn't get done, and some kids would forget what job they had.  This year I have changed up how I'm doing my helpers.  Maybe my new idea can help you too!

I've decided to have two helpers each day (one boy and one girl) that will do all of the class jobs for the day. They will wear a special name tag so we all know who has the job and at the end of the day they will draw numbers for the next days helpers.

Feel free to grab my "Today's Helper" package.  And check out the the other things that are hanging around on my blog. :)

You will receive the labels for all of the bags, boxes, and sign.  :)

Materials used:  Dots on Turquoise calendar numbers ($2.49 for set) and Dots on Turquoise 12x12 square ($6.99 for set of 12), small gift bags ($1.99 for 12 at Hobby Lobby), green boxes ($1.00 each at Target).

Fonts used:  Minya Nouvelle, Full-House20, and Spaceout Open (download for free at



Dana said...

Super cute! I have helpers as well. It helps teach responsibility AND it helps the teacher. :)

3rd Grade Gridiron

Mrs. Lamb said...

cute setup. I did the same last year just-I just went numerically and changed weekly. So easy! I can't imagine every kiddo with a job!

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