Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Scoop on Groups

Woo to the hoo!  I'm so excited to be a contributing author of Me and My Gang!  What a great place to come together as 2nd grade teachers and share our ideas, our successes, and our funny stories.  Of course, if you don't teach 2nd grade, you'll find AMAZING ideas here that you can easily tweak for your grade level.

So since a bunch of us 2nd grade bloggers have come together at Me and My Gang to form a group, I thought my first post here should be about grouping.  These Grouping Cards will help me quickly put my little rocket scientists into groups.

Head on over to my blog to scoop up these Grouping Cards for free.  You can even snoop around and pick up some more free printables and ideas.


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Mrs. Schroeder said...

Belinda...these are darn cute. I just shared your link on my Facebook Page:)
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