Wednesday, August 3, 2011

On Patrol...Recess Chair!

Do you have recess duty?  Well I sure do.  Now this was a new concept for this Northern teacher when I moved with my family down South.  We even eat lunch with our students!  I remember those days of dropping my class off at the cafeteria and not picking them up until after RECESS.  Now I take them to recess and sit with them at lunch.

Enough complaining...on to making lemonade out of lemons.  I vowed not to complain about this any more and to make the best of it.  So I decided that I was going to be as comfortable as possible on the playground.  I created the recess chair!

Head over to The Schroeder Page to check out how to get one of your very own!


Jess said...

Wow the chair looks beautiful! I teach in the south and always have so I'm use to doing recess. We cannot sit though...we have to stroll around the playground and be standing. (some days we don't go out because it's just too hot!) Now lunch--no way! I love my babies but I do not wanna eat with them. I feel for you!
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Sunny said...

Well I'm in the north and we have recess duty too :) We would never be allowed to just sit though. Two of my colleagues got in trouble last year for standing together and talking during recess duty instead of walking around and monitoring children. It depends on the school though -- the school my little girls go to, their teachers sit at the picnic table and chat during recess duty! :)

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